Mexico is known for its great climate and, for many people, this sure is one of the reasons to travel to Mexico. But be aware that the weather in Mexico varies by region and season. In the North (for example Monterrey or Chihuahua), winters can be cold, it can even snow, and summers can be really hot. Central Mexico (including Mexico City) doesn´t show that kind of extremes. In Mexico City, you can expect around 20 degrees Celsius but be aware that it can get quite chilly in the evenings. In the coastal and low-lying regions, such as Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Riviera Maya, and the Yucatan Peninsula, it can get pretty hot year round (and, especially during the rainy season, with a high level of humidity). Rain season falls roughly from May through October. But don´t be discouraged because of the rain season. It usually only rains in the evening, during the day you will still see a lot of suns, and in many places, the vegetation increases and landscapes become green(er) during these months. Outside the rain season, you won´t see much rain in Mexico.