Of course, bringing kids to Mexico is a fantastic way to have some concerted family time, something considered a core value in Mexico while exploring a different culture. Mexicans love kids, and you will get a great opportunity to interact with the local people when you bring your family with you. You only need to take into account that children do not always share the same interests as adults. You might, for example, want to avoid long travel distances when traveling with kids. They are more easily affected by the heat, disrupted sleeping patterns, strange food, and they might get bored with a long museum visit. Don´t plan too many visits to archaeological sites in your travel schedule. Also avoid places that are too crowded, such as the subway in Mexico City. Fortunately, Mexico has plenty of great activities for kids, such as theme parks (some have adventure activities specially designed for children), beaches, swimming with dolphins, horseback-riding, et cetera. Many all-inclusive resorts have entertainment programs for kids. Don´t forget that traveling to a country like Mexico is a great way for kids to learn about different cultures, something they will benefit from during the rest of their lives. See it as an investment in their future!